ASIST Scholarship

General Information

ASIST-Logo-webThe Adult Students in Scholastic Transition (ASIST) is available to adults facing economic, social, or physical challenges, who are looking to improve their situation through educational opportunities.

Local Chapters of EWI partner with educational providers and social services agencies to identify potential ASIST candidates.  Students first apply and compete at the local Chapter level. Chapter-level winners are submitted to the corporate level for the opportunity to be selected for one of thirteen scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $10,000.

Application Process

Applications will be available January 2015. ASIST is coordinated by the participating EWI Chapters (listed below). Each Chapter has its own deadline date for submitting an application, so please contact your local Chapter to obtain their timeline for the application process. Applicants must apply through a local Chapter and reside in Chapter boundaries.

Participating Chapters

  • EWI of Birmingham: Robin Warren –
  • EWI of Chicago: Maria N. Simon –
  • EWI of Cincinnati: Gail Billings –
  • EWI of Colorado Springs: Joan Taylor –
  • EWI of Corpus Christi: Laura Hausman –
  • EWI of Dallas: Corriana Anthony –
  • EWI of Denver: Melody Ambrose –
  • EWI of Des Moines: Deanna Dunn –
  • EWI of Fort Wayne: Lisa Fabian –
  • EWI of Harrisburg: Kimberly E. McLain –
  • EWI of Honolulu: Wanda Sanchez –
  • EWI of Houston: Marji Zamora –
  • EWI of Jackson: Cherrita Speech –
  • EWI of Kansas City: Veronica R. Beck –
  • EWI of Knoxville: Peggy Wilson –
  • EWI of Los Angeles: Sherrie Carr –
  • EWI of Memphis: Tracey Foldenauer –
  • EWI of Minneapolis: Beverly L Kennedy –
  • EWI of Mobile: Barbara J. Shirvanian –
  • EWI of Nashville: Tammy Fogarty – | Jamey S. Taylor –
  • EWI of New Orleans: Nita Liggio –
  • EWI of Northwest Arkansas: Kai Dare –
  • EWI of Oklahoma City: Judie Harris –
  • EWI of Phoenix: Leslie A. Kanda –
  • EWI of Pomona Valley: Suzanne M. Graves –
  • EWI of Richmond: Brenda G. Long –
  • EWI of Saint Paul: Jennifer S. Yarusso –
  • EWI of San Diego: Jamie Fleming –
  • EWI of Seattle: Kayla Didier –
  • EWI of Spokane: Nancy Ledeboer –
  • EWI of Tacoma: Nancy Harris –
  • EWI of Tucson: Lisa Yaeger –
  • EWI of Tulsa: Tonya Jimenez –
  • EWI of Washington DC: Suzette Smith –