2016 Corporate Reading Rally
Stevens Elementary School in Spokane, WA

The 2016 LCAM Reading Rally took on the challenge to encourage students from Stevens Elementary School to read over the long summer months. Realizing that many of the students who attend Stevens might not have access to books over the summer, EWI partnered with Principal Dan Jenkins and Librarian Laurel Littleworth to host a special Reading Rally with Spokane author Kelly Milner Halls. Ms. Halls specializes in writing books for children about dinosaurs, animals and mysterious creatures that capture the imagination of children of all ages.

Ms. Halls engaged students in a lively discussion about how dinosaurs resemble animals living today. She encouraged all the children to be curious about the world around them, explore the outdoors and pursue personal interests by reading about wonderful, weird and surprising things. Children in the last period almost missed their bus, they were so enthralled asking questions and hearing Kelly talk about ghosts, UFO’s and other real and imaginary creatures.


Thanks to a generous grant from the Larry H. Miller Charities all 500 students were able to select 3 books to take home and read over the summer. In addition, children in K-2 received a copy of Pete the Cat by Dean James and students in 3rd-6th grades received a copy of The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Children who rarely get a chance to buy books were able to take home and keep 4 books to read over their summer break.

Special thanks to students from the Spokane Community College and Ira Gardners’ students for filming the Reading Rally author event and interviewing students about the books they like to read.