Academy of Leadership

Our Academy of Leadership (AOL) coursework and programming is a way of continually empowering members and their firms to learn, grow and personify leadership within their work environments and in their personal lives. Each member must have participated in four one-day modules in order to graduate and become Alumnae. Since 2001, hundreds of EWI members have participated in the Academy of Leadership and are now Alumnae.

Our Three-fold Philosophy

  • Leadership can and must be taught
  • Everyone possesses leadership potential
  • There are excellent examples of leadership within EWI

AOL Program Modules

  • Professional and Volunteer Leadership – Thinking Like a Genius
  • The Power of the Diverse Communicator
  • The Power of Relationships
  • Finding Your Voice: An Experience in Leadership
  • Leadership: It All Begins with You
  • Women and Leadership: The Power of Your Story
  • Emotional Intelligence: Making the Connection
  • How to Motivate, Influence, and Lead People to Action
  • Chapter Leadership: Making Great Things Happen

Modules of the Academy of Leadership are offered annually during EWI’s Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting. All EWI members are invited to attend our leadership conference to receive credit and attend our unique leadership training opportunities.


Lori Giovannoni

Lori Giovannoni has consulted with numerous professional leadership programs throughout the United States. During her career she has addressed more than 250,000 professionals, focusing on issues such as the changing face of leadership, the evolution of leadership, and women as leaders. Her company, Lori Giovannoni and Associates, is a member firm of EWI of Salt Lake City. Through her association with EWI, she has designed all of EWI’s Academy of Leadership modules since its inception in 2001.

Lori is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions including the Athena Leadership Award given to women who demonstrate excellence, creativity, and initiative in their business or profession; contribute time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community; and actively assist women in realizing their full leadership potential.

Kristi Emmons

Kristi’s career includes over 20 years of working with major corporate brands such as Gaylord Entertainment, TNN/CBS, McGraw-Hill and FedEx.  In her current position as Executive Assistant, she and her colleague, Dan Mullally, Senior Vice President of Sales, lead the largest of three sales divisions at FedEx Services with nearly 4,000 team members to provide customers with the best solutions from a broad portfolio of transportation services. She is a graduate from the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma and also studied Communications at the University of Memphis.

Kristi has been a member of EWI since 2001 and is a two time President for EWI of Memphis.  Outside of FedEx and EWI, Kristi loves music, traveling and is an avid Zumba Fitness fan.

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